M - m

madda1   n. substance; matter. partlaýjy ~ explosive. zäherleýji ~ poison-gas. iýmitlendiriji ~ nutrient.

madda2   n. article, clause, item. konstitusiýanyň birinji ~sy the first clause of the constitution.

maddy   adj. material.

1 • material, financial, economic. halkyň ~ ýagdaýy the people's economic situation. ~ kynçylyklar financial difficulties.

2 • social.

magaryf   [maga:ryf] n. education, enlightenment.

magdan   [magda:n] n. ore. Category: geol. demir ~y iron-ore, iron-stone. ~ çykýan ýer ore deposit. ~ gazyp almak to mine.

magdançy   [magda:nçy] n. miner.

magistr   [ma'gistr] n. master's degree, MA, MSc.

maglumat   [maglu:mat] n. information, message. gerekli ~lar necessary information.

magnitofon   [magnito'fon] n. tape-recorder, tape-recording machine, cassette player. wideo ~ video (cassette) recorder, VCR.

magşar   n. Usage: religious Day of Judgement. ~ güni Day of Judgement.

magşuk   [magşu:k] n. lover, girlfriend.

magtamak   v. to praise.

magtanjaň   n. opinionated person.

magtanmak   v. to boast, talk about oneself.

Magtymguly   n. May. Magtymguly is a famous ancient Turkmen poet after whom the month is named.

mahabat   [maha:bat] n. announcement. ýalan ~

mahal   n. 1 • period, time. gijäniň bir ~y late at night. hiç ~ never. kä ~ sometimes. suwsan mahalyň when you feel thirsty.

2 • time. günde üç ~yna three times a day.

mahal-mahal   adj. at times, now and then, now and again.

mahluk   [mahlu:k] n. creature, being.

mahmal   n. velvet, plush.

mahrum   [mahru:m] adj. lacking (in), devoid (of), deprived (of). ~ etmek to deprive (of). ~ bolmak to lose, be deprived (of). gözden ~ bolmak to lose one's sight.

mahsus   [mahsu:s] adj. characteristic (of), inherent (in). türkmen diline ~ bolan aýratynlyklar the pecularities characteristic of the turkmen language.

aýallara mahsus ýagdaýda   Lit: in the condition characteristic for women having a period.

makala   [maka:la] n. article, entry. gazet ~sy newspaper article. ~ ýazmak to write an article dictionary entry.

makaron   [maka'ron] n. pasta, macaroni, spaghetti.

maksat   n. goal, aim, purpose, objective. maksadyňa ýetmek to reach one's goal. ~ bilen with the object (of), in order (to). ~ goýmak to set oneself (to).

maksada laýyk   expedient.

maksatnama   [maksatna:ma] n. project, programme.

makul   [ma:ku:l] adj. 1 • acceptable, admissible. ~ bilmek to consider something acceptable.

2 • right, true. ~ tapmak to consider something true/right. Ine munyň ~ This is true. This is right.

makullamak   [ma:ku:llamak] v. to approve (of), confirm, sanction. halk bu karary makullady the people approved of this decree.

makullanmak   [ma:ku:llanmak] v. to be approved, be confirmed, be sanctioned. proýekt makullandy the project was confirmed.

mal   [ma:l] n. 1 • domestic animal, livestock. iri şahly ~ cattle. mal-gara sheep and goats; flocks. ~ bakmak to graze, pasture, to shepherd, tend.

2 • property, belongings.

3 • figure; chess-man. şahmat ~lary chess-men, chess figures.

çig ~   raw material.

~ kesmek   to fix/set bride price.

mala   [ma:la] n. harrow. ~ basmak to harrow.

maldar   [ma:lda:r] n. cattle-breeder, herdsman.

maldarçylyk   [ma:lda:rçylyk] n. stock-raising, animal husbandry, cattle-breeding, cattle-raising. ~ bilen meşgullanmak to be busy with cattle-breeding.

mal-gara   [ma:l-gara] n. domestic animals, sheep and goats, flocks. ~ seretmek to tend, look after animals.

malhana   [ma:lha:na] n. cowshed; cowshed, cow-house, cattle-shed, byre.

maliýe   [ma:liýe] n. finance(s). Maliýe ministrligi Ministry of Finance.

maliýeleşdirmek   [ma:liýeleşdirmek] v. to finance. halk hojalygyny ~ to finance the national economy.

mal-mülk   [ma:l-mülk] n. (material) wealth, riches, capital, animals and property.

mama1   [ma:ma] n. (maternal) grandmother.

mama2   [ma:ma] n. 1 • smallpox. Usage: medical ~ keseli smalpox.

2 • pock, pock-marks. ýüzi ~ly pock-marked face.

mamla   [ma:mla] adj. right, correct. sen ~ you are right.

manat   n. manat, local currency. used in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan.

mandarin   n. mandarin(e), tangerine; satsuma. ~ agajy tangerine-tree.

manty   n. manty. Turkmen dish made of pasta stuffed with meat or vetetables, and then steamed.

many   [ma:ny:] n. 1 • meaning, sense. sözüň ~sy meaning of the word. sözüň doly ~synda in the true sense of the word. sözüň göni ~sy literal sense of a word. sözüň göçme ~sy metaphorical sense of a word. ~ aňlatmak to mean. ~ bermek to make sense. ~sy bolmak to make sense. ~sy ýok there is no sense (in), there is no point (in).

2 • purport, point, use, sense. biderek gitmegiň ~sy ýok there is no point in going there.

~ çykarmak   to make a conclusion, conclude.

manyly   [ma:ny:ly] adj. meaningful, full of meaning; significant. ~ sözler words full of meaning.

manysyz   [ma:ny:syz] adj. absurd, senseless, meaningless, nonsense. ~ gürrüň nonsense, humbug.

maňlaý   n. 1 • forehead. ~yndan ogşamak to kiss one's forehead.

2 • fate, destiny. gara ~ ill-fated, ill-starred. ~yňdakyny görmek to tempt fate. maňlaýa ýazylandan çykma ýok one can't escape one's destiny. ~yň açyk bolsun! be happy!

3 • opposite, in front (of), before. jaýyň ~ynda in front of a building. ~ynda oturmak to sit opposite (to).

~yň açylmak   to get married.

~ deriňi saçmak   to work hard.

~yňdan diremek   to help, render help/aid, support.

maňlaýly   adj. lucky. ~ adam lucky person.

maňyz   n. 1 • kernel; core. hozuň maňzy kernel of a nut.

Usage: fig 2 • sense, meaning. sözüň maňzy sense of a word.

maňza batmak   to like; to be satisfied.

maral   n. gazelle, mountain gazelle.

marka   ['marka] n. stamp. poçta ~sy postage stamp. ~ly bolmak to have a stamp (on it).

marşrut   n. route. ~ly awtobus a bus which follows a route. often owned by a private company. See: bellenen ugur.

mart   n. March. sekizinji ~ the 8-th of March. See: Nowruz.

masgara   adj. shameful, disgraceful, not to a person's credit. ~ bolmak to be discredited, be disgraced, be shamed. ~ etmek to discredit (someone), insult (someone), to cause (someone) shame.

masgarabaz   [masgaraba:z] n. clown, fool, buffoon, jester, mocker.

masgaraçylyk   adv. See: masgaralyk. nähili ~! what a shame!, what a discredit! uly masgaraçylyga goýmak to disgrace someone.

masgaralamak   v. to discredit, disgrace, defame.

maslahat   n. 1 • advice, counsel. ~ bermek to advise, give advice (to).

2 • council, conference, meeting. ýokary derejedäki ~ summit conference. ~ geçirmek to hold a meeting.

3 • discussion. ~a goýmak to put something for discussion.

maslahatçy   n. adviser, counsellor.

maslahatlaşmak   v. to advise one another, consult, ask advice (of); to hold a council/meeting, have a discussion.

maslyk   n. corpse, dead body, carcass.

maşgala   n. 1 • family. ~myzda bäş adam bar there are five people in our family.

2 • girl. oňat ~ good girl.

Usage: biology 3 • class. süýdemdirijiler ~sy mammals.

maşgalaly   adj. married, having a family. ~ adam family man. ~ bolmak to have a family, be married.

maşyn   [maşy:n] n. 1 • machine, mechanism. geýim ýuwýan ~ washing machine. kagyz kesýän ~ guillotine.

2 • car, vehicle. ýük ~y lorry, Amer truck. ~a münmek to get on/in a lorry; to get in a car. ~dan düşmek to get off the lorry; to get out of the car. ~ goýulýan ýeri car park, place for parking one's car.

mata   [mata:] n. cloth, fabric. ýüpek ~lar silks. nah ~ cotton fabric.

matam   [ma:tam] n. mourning. ~ tutmak to go into mourning; to be in mourning. ~ güni mourning day.

material   [materi'al] n. material; stuff. gurluşyk ~y building/construction materials. ~ toplamak to collect material.

matlap   n. aim, goal, objective; thought.

matros   [ma'tros] n. sailor, seaman. See: gämiçi; deňizçi.

mawarmak   [ma:warmak] v. to become blue like the sky, turn blue.

mawlamak   [ma:wlamak] v. to mew, meow, miaow. pişik ýaly ~ to mew like a cat, mewl.

mawy   [ma:wy] adj. blue. ~ asman blue sky. ~ ekran big screen.

maý1   n. May. See: Magtymguly.

maý2   [ma:ý] n. time, moment. ~ tapmak to have time. ~ tapsam bararyn If I have time I'll go.

maýa1   [ma:ýa] n. camel. ak ~ a white camel.

Ak ~nyň ýoly   the Milky Way, the Galaxy.

maýa2   [ma:ýa] n. fund, supply, stock, reserve. ~ goýmak to put by; to invest capital. ~ goýma capital investment.

maýa goýum   capital.

maýadar   [ma:ýada:r] n. shareholder, stockholder. ~lar jemgyýeti joint-stock company.

maýda   adj. small, little.

maýmyn   n. ape, monkey.

maýsa   n. Usage: grains, grasses new growth, sprout.

maýyl1   adj. 1 • warm, mild. ~ howa warm weather. bu gun howa ~ It is warm today.

2 • plus. on gradus maýyl plus ten degrees.

maýyl2   [ma:ýyl] adj. charmed, fascinated. ~ bolmak to be charmed/fascinated.

maýyp   [ma:ýyp] n. cripple. ~ adam cripple, crippler. ~ bolmak to be cripple, become crippled. ~ etmek to cripple.

maza   [maza:] n. 1 • pleasure, enjoyment. ~ almak to take pleasure, enjoy. ~ bermek to give pleasure.

2 • mood, spirit. ~ň gaçmak to be in low spirits.

mazaly   [maza:ly] adv. 1 • giving pleasure, something which gives pleasure.

2 • quietly, calmly, still. ~ oturyň! sit still! ~ bol! behave yourself!

3 • good, satisfactorily, satisfiable. ~ dynç almak to have a good rest.

4 • It is good; It is nice; It is pleasant. ~ siz gelip ýetişäýdiňiz It is good that you managed to come.

mazar   [maza:r] n. tomb, grave. Can be a building erected to the memory of someone, and containing their grave. Pilgrims visit it to say their prayers.

mazarlyk   [maza:rlyk] n. graveyard, cemetry; churchyard.

mazarystan   [maza:rysta:n] n. cemetery. See: mazarlyk.

mazasyz   [maza:syz] adj. boring, uninteresting, tedious, dull.

mazmun   [mazmu:n] n. 1 • plot, subject matter, theme. romanyň ~y plot of a novel. zamanyň mazmuny

2 • table of contents.

me   interj. here; here you are; here, take it. me, saňa kitap here, a book for you.

me saňa, gerek bolsa!   well, I never!; well, how d'you like that?

mebel   ['mebel] n. furniture. ~ dükany furniture shop. ~li furnished, with furniture. ~siz unfurnished, without furniture.

medeni   [medeni:] adj. cultural. ~ merkez cultural centre.

medeniýet   n. culture. ~ öýi cultural centre.

medeniýetli   adv. culturally, in a civilized manner. ~ dynç almak to have a good rest.

medet   adj. help, assistance, aid, support. ~ bermek to help, render assistance. alla ~ bersin! may God help you!

medisina   [medi'sina] n. medicine. See: lukmançylyk.

medrese   n. Usage: religious medrassa (muslim college for religious instruction).

medsestra   n. (medical) nurse. See: uýa.

meger   adj. maybe, perhaps, possibly. ~ ol syrkawdyr probably he is ill. ~ ol eýýäm gelendir perhaps he has already come.

mejalsyz   [meja:lsyz] adj. lacking strength, weak, feeble. ~ adam feeble person.

mejbur   [mejbu:r] adj. forced, compulsory. ~ bolmak to be forced to do something, be compelled to do something. ~ etmek to force, compel.

mejlis   [mejli:s] n. 1 • council, conference, meeting, session, sitting. ~ler zaly conference hall.

2 • parliament.

mekan   [meka:n] n. 1 • land, (home) country; area, territory.

2 • place of residence, home, abode. ~ tutmak to settle down.

belli bir ~y ýok   He keeps changing his mind.

mekdep   n. school. başlangyç ~ primary school. orta ~ secondary school. ~ mugallymy school teacher. mekdebe gitmek to go to school. mekdebi tamamlamak to finish/leave school.

mekge   n. corn, maize. ~ übtükleri corn flakes.

mekgejöwen   n. corn, maize. ~ meýdany corn field.

mekir   adj. crafty, cunning, sly, wily. ~ adam cunning person. ~ tilki sly fox. ~ bolmak to be cunning/crafty/sly.

mekirlik   n. craftiness, , craft, cunning, guile, wiles, slyness, wiliness. ~ bilen cunningly, slyly. ~ etmek to use cunning/guile; to dissemble.

mele   adj. brown, straw-coloured, pale yellow, beige. açyk ~ light brown. ~ at dun, a dun horse.

melek   n. Usage: religious angel.

~ ýaly owadan   beautiful as an angel.

melgun   [melgu:n] n. devil. ah, sen ~! you little devil!

melhem   n. remedy, home-made remedy. ~ ýapmak to apply a remedy (to). ~ ýasamak to prepare a remedy.

melike   [meli:ke] n. queen. if there is no king.

mellek   n. plot, plot of land. ~ ýeri plot of land. ~ edinmek to get a plot of land. ~ eýesi owner of a plot of land.

men   pron. I. meniňki mine. maňa to/for me. mende kitap bar I have a book. ol menden pul aldy he got money from me.

~ diýen wagtyňda   in one's years of prosperity.

menek   n. spot; patch; blot; stain. gara ~ black spot.

menekli   adj. spotted, dappled. ~ sugun spotted deer.

men-menlik   n. conceit. ~ etmek to give oneself airs, become conceited.

menzil   n. 1 • distance. uzak ~ long distance.

2 • station.

meň1   n. birth-mark. gyzyň ýüzünde ~i bar the girl has a birth-mark on her face.

meň2   n. hashish. ~ çekmek to smoke hashish.

meňli   adj. birth-marked. ýüzi ~ gyz the girl with a birth-mark on the face.

meňzemek   v. 1 • to resemble, bear a resemblance (to), be like. bir-biriňe ~ to bear a resemblance to each other, be like each other.

2 • seem; seem, look like. ýagyş ýagjaga meňzeýär It looks like rain.

meňzeş   adj. similar, alike, resemblance. bir ~ the same, identical. ~ bolmak to resemble, look like someone, be alike. Ikisi ~ They are both alike. Bu iki öý örän ~ These two houses are very similar. ~ ýagdaý same situation.

ile ~ etmek   to help someone on in life; to do something properly.

meňzeşlik   n. likeness, similarity, resemblance. ikimiziň aramyzda käbir ~ler bar there are some points of similarity between you and me.

meňzetme   n. Usage: lit simile, metaphor.

meňzetmek   v. to liken, consider smth/somebody like, compare. men ony saňa meňzetdim I compared him with you.

merdan   adj. brave.

merdana   [merda:na] n. See: mert.

merdiwan   [merdiwa:n] n. stairs, staircase. ~ bilen münmek to go upstairs. ~ bilen düşmek to go downstairs.

mergen   n. sniper; sharp-shooter, good shot, marksman. ~ bolmak to be a good shot.

mergi   n. Usage: medical plague, pestilence, an illness that causes mass death. ~ wibriony cholera bacillus.

merhemet   n. kindness, graciousness. ~ ediň! be so kind!, be so good! ~ etmek to be kind to.

merhemetli   adj. gracious, kind, merciful, charitable. ol gaty ~ adam he is a very gracious man.

merhum   [merhu:m] adj. the late; someone who has passed away. ~ şahyr the late poet.

merkez   n. 1 • centre. Usage: Brit şäher ~i town centre. senagat ~i industrial estate, industrial centre. ~de ýaşamak to live in the centre.

2 • center. Usage: Amer şäher ~i downtown.

töweregiň ~i   Usage: physics the centre of a circle.

üns ~inde bolmak   to be in the limelight.

merkezi   adj. central, main. şäheriň ~ köçeleri central/main streets of a city. ~i ýyladyş sistemasy central heating system. ~ nerw sistemasy central nervous system. Merkezi Komitet Central Committee.

mermer   n. marble. ak ~ white marble.

mert   n. courageous, brave, bold, audacious, daring. ~ adam brave man. ~ bolmak to act courageously, be bold.

mertebe   n. 1 • dignity. şahsy mertebäňi ýitirmezlik duýgusy self-respect. adamkärçilik ~leri human dignities. mertebäňi ýitirmek to lose one's dignity. mertebäňi saklamak to stand on one's dignity.

2 • dignity, rank, position. belent ~ high position.

3 • times. köp ~ several times.

mertebeli   adj. high-ranked, well-respected.

mertlik   n. courage, courageousness, braveness, bravery, boldness, audacity, audaciousness. ~ görkezmek to display/show one's courage.

merwerit   [merweri:t] n. pearl.

mes   adj. 1 • merry; cheerful.

2 • intoxicated, merry.

3 • rich; rich, wealthy, well-to-do, prosperous. ~ ýaşamak to lead a prosperous life.

4 • fat, full, replete. ~ mal fat stock.

4 • fertile, fecund, prolific, fruitful. ~ ýerler fertile soil/lands.

~ bolmak   to grow fastidious/fussy; to be too well off.

mesele   n. 1 • task, question, problem, issue. meseläni çürt-kesik goýmak to put a question point-blank.

Usage: mathematics 2 • problem. ~ çözmek to solve a problem. ~ler ýygyndysy book of (mathematical) problems.

meselem   for example. ~, şeýle sorag... this question, for example..

mese-mälim   adj. clear, obvious. ~ bolmak to be clear/obvious. ~ duýulmak to instinctively feel (that).

mesge   n. butter.

mesgen   n. habitation, home. ~ tutmak to settle down, begin to live (in some place). See: mekan.

mesihi   [mesi:hi] n. Christian.

meslik   n. 1 • gaiety, merriment.

2 • richness, wealth, prosperousness.

3 • fatness, repleteness. mesligi goýun göterer only sheep can bear the fatness. Category: prov.

4 • fertility, fecundity, fruitfulness. ýerleriň mesligi the lands' fertility.

1 •  Ýaşlar jemlenip ~ etdiler. Siziňkiler ~mi?

2 •  ~de ýaşamak

3 (semizlik) •  Mesligi goýun göterer nakyl

4 •  topragyň mesligi

messep   n. consciousness. messebiňi ýuwutmak to lose one's consciousness.

meşgul   [meşgu:l] adj. busy. ~ bolmak to be busy (with), be involved (in), be occupied (with). ol öz işi bilen ~ he is busy with his work.

meşgullanmak   [meşgu:llanmak] v. to do, be occupied (with), be busy(with), be involved (in), to take part (in). sport bilen ~ to take part in sports (sporting activities).

meşhur   [meşhu:r] adj. famous, well-known, celebrated. ~ bolmak to be famous. ~ ýazyjy well-known writer.

meşhurlyk   [meşhu:rlyk] n. fame. ~ gazanmak to become famous; to have prestige.

meşik   n. wineskin, water-skin, leather bag. suwly ~

~ ýaly   very fat.

metal   [me'tal] n. metal. reňkli ~ coloured metal. gara ~lar ~dan ýasalan metal, made of metal. gymmatbaha ~lar ýeňil ~lar

metbugat   [metbu:gat] n. press. ~ işgärleri the press. ~ azatlygy freedom of the press. Metbugat güni the Press Day. Metbugat öýi

metjit   [metji:t] n. mosque. metjide gatnamak to attend mosque.

metr   n. metre. on ~ ten metres.

1 (uzynlyk) 1 •  on ~

2 (gowrum) 1 •  kub ~ kwadrat ~

3 (predmet) •  eplenýän ~

meý   n. wine, strong (alcoholic) drink. ~ içmek to drink wine.

meýdan   [meýda:n] n. 1 • field. pagta ~y cotton field. ~da işlemek to work in the field.

2 • sphere, activity, profession. edebiýat ~y the world of letters.

söweş ~y   field of battle.

magnit ~y   magnetic field.

görüş ~y   field of vision.

bir ~   for a time, for some time.

1 •  düz ~ ~da düýeler otlaýar

2 •  pagta ~y gök ekerançylyk ~y

3 (gocme manyda) •  edebiýat ~y söweş ~y

~ düşelgesi   

magnit ~y   

göreş ~y   

bir ~ (Bir meýdan dynç alaýyn.)   

~a gitmek   

meýdança   [meýda:nça] n. ground.

1 (park, alleya) •  gülli ~ şäher ~sy

2 (yorite zal) • ground, area, field. bedenterbiýe ~sy sports ground, playing field. gurluşyk ~sy building site. tennis ~sy tennis court.

meýil   n. desire, wish, will, intention, interest, inclination (to, for). olaryň meýline garaman against their will. olaryň meýli başga ~ bildirmek to show one's interest (to).

öz meýliň   take it or leave it; It is for you to decide.

meýilli   adj. inclined (to), disposed (to), having intention (to).

meýilnama   n. plan.

meýilnamalaşdyrmak   v.

meýilnamaly   adj. planned, systematic.

meýit   n. corpse, dead body. mumyýalanan ~ Meýdiň ýansyn! May you rot (in hell)!

meýithana   [meýitha:na] n. morgue, mortuary.

meýletin   [meýleti:n] n. 1 • volunteer; voluntary. ~ goşun volunteer army. ~ sport jemgyýeti

2 • voluntarily, of one's own free will. ~ gitmek to go voluntarily. ~ işlemek

meýletinçi   [meýleti:nçi] n. volunteer. ~ler topary

meýlis   n. banquet, feast, festival, celebration, party. ~ guramak to arrange a banquet.

mezhep   n. branch, division, sect.

mezmur   [mezmu:r] n. Usage: religious psalm (hymn) attributed to the prophet David; a Psalm.

mäde   n. 1 • stomach. ~ şiresi

2 • appetite. ~si açyk mädäňe degmek to break one's appetite.

dok ~   

mähelle   n. assemblage, mob. uly ~ crowd.

mähir   n. kindness, love. ~ bilen seretmek ~ bilen garamak to look at somebody with love.

...mährinden gandy   to gaze to one's heart's content at...

mähirli   adj. kind, loving. ~ bolmak be kind, be loving.

mähirsiz   adj. unkind, reserved, unfriendly. ~ garaýyş unfriendly look.

mähnet   adj. huge, vast, enormous, colossal. ~ haýwan enormous animal. ~ göwre

mährem   adj. dear; beloved, loved. ~ garyndaş close relative.

mähriban   [mähriba:n] adj. dear; beloved, loved. ~ ene beloved mother. meniň ~ watanyň my beloved motherland/country.

1 •  ~ ene ~ dogan Sen meniň ~ym.

2 •  ~ Watan ~ toprak

mäkäm   adj. firm, strong. ~ dostluk firm friendship. elini ~ gysmak to shake somebody by the hand firmly.

1 •  ~ saklamak ýüpi ~ daňmak

2 •  ~ dostluk işe ~ ýapyşmak

mäkämlemek   v. to strengthen, consolidate, make firm/strong.

mäkiýan   [mäkiýa:n] n. 1 • pullet.

2 • female (of birds). ~ kepderi female pigeon. ~ towuk

mälim   adj. clear, obvious, known. ~ zat clear thing. ~ etmek to inform, let somebody know. size ~mi? do you know? ~ bolşy ýaly as is well known. maňa ~ bolşuna görä as far as I know.

öz-özünden ~ zat   It is out of question, It goes without saying. Usage: grammar ~ artikl definite article.

mämişi   adj. orange. ~ reňk orange colour.

märeke   n. assemblage, mob. agyr ~ assemblage, mob. toý ~si

mätäç   adj. needy, poor. ~ adamlar the poor and needy. ~ bolmak to be needy, be in want; to be in need (of).

1 (garyp) •  ~ adamlar ~ bolmak

2 (komek) •  Ol medisina barlagyna ~. remonta ~

mätäçlik   n. want; need, necessity. ~ çekmek to be needy; to be in need (of). ~ ähli zady öwredýär. Necessity is the mother of invention.

mäz   n. Usage: anatomy gland. garyn asty ~ler pancreas. tüýkülik ~leri salivary gland. galkan şekilli ~ler thyroid gland.

milady   [mila:dy] n. Christian chronology. ~ ýyly Christian chronology.

milisiýa   [mi'lisiýa] n. police, militia. ~ bölümi police department; police station. See: polis.

millet   n. nation, nationality. ~iň näme? what is your nationality?

Birleşen Milletler Guramasy   The United Nations.

milletara   [milleta:ra] adj. interethnic. ~ gatnaşyklar interethnic relations/bonds.

milletçi   n. nationalist.

milletçilik   n. nationalism. milletçilige garşy göreş fight against nationalism.

milleti   n. nationality.

milletparaz   adj. nationalist. ~ topar See: milletçi.

milli   [milli:] adj. national. ~ girdeji national income. ~ mesele national issue. ~ saz gurallary national musical instruments.

1 •  ~ girdeji ~ mesele ~syýasat

2 •  ~ göreş (sport) ~ saz gurallary

milliard   [milli'ard] num. thousand million; Amer billion.

millileşdirmek   [milli:leşdirmek] v. to nationalize. senagaty ~ See: millileşmek.

million   [milli'on] num. million. bir ~ million; one million.

milt   n. attempt, endeavour. ~ etmek to attempt, make an attempt, try.

minara   [mina:ra] n. minaret. ~ salmak to build a minaret. metjidiň ~sy

ministr   [mi'nistr] n. minister. daşary işler ~i minister of foreign affairs. kürsüsiz (portfelsiz) ~

ministrlik   n. ministry. maliýe ministrligi ministry of finance. ~ wezipesi post of a minister.

minnet   n. reproach, reproof. ~ etmek to reproach, reproof. Ol maňa beren kömegini mydama ~ edýär. Men başlygyň ~ini çekip işleýärin.

minnetdar   [minnetda:r] adj. thankful, grateful. men size beren kömegiňiz üçin örän ~ I am very much grateful to you for helping. Beren kömegiňiz üçin men size örän ~. minnetdar bolmak to be thankful, be grateful.

minnetdarlyk   [minnetda:rlyk] n. gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, satisfaction. ~ bildirmek to express one's gratitude; to thank with all one's heart.

minut   [mi'nut] n. minute. bir ~da in a minute. sagat üçden bäş ~ işleýär It is five minutes past two. sagadyň ~ strelkasy the minute hand of a clock/watch.

1 (wagt) •  Sagat üçden on ~ işleýär.

2 (calt hem yenil) •  Çaga bir ~ hem dek oturmaýar. Men ol ýere bir ~da bararyn.

3 (pursat) •  Bir ~ maňa üns beriň! Ol şol ~da gapydan girdi. sagadyň ~ strelkasy/peýkamy

mirap   [mi:ra:p] n. local water board representative.

miras   [mi:ra:s] n. 1 • heritage; inheritance. ~ hukugy inheritance rights. ~ galan baýlyk kakaňdan ~ almak

2 • legacy; Magtymgulynyň edebi ~y Magtumguly's literary heritage. ata-babalaryň ~

mirasdar   [mi:ra:sda:r] n. heir; legatee; successor. ~ şazada

mirasdüşer   [mi:ra:sdüşer] n. inheritor. ~ çagalar See: mirasdar.

mis   [mi:s] n. copper. sary ~ brass.

1 •  ~ gazyp almak ~ turba

2 •  peşeňiň ~i (Look jamy) gulagy ~ ýaly (Onuň gulagy mis ýaly, islendik sesi eşidýär.)

misli   conj. as, as if, as though. ~ gül kimin as a flower.

miwe   [mi:we] n. fruit. ~ bermek (getirmek) to bear fruit.

1 •  ~ getirýän agaçlar ~ suwy

2 (hasyla durmak) •  Bu agaç şu ýyl ~ getirip başlady. Bu armyt garrapdyr, indi ~ getirmeýär.

3 •  köp ýyllyk zähmetiň ~si

miweli   [mi:weli] adj. fruit-bearing, fruitful. ~ agaç fruit-bearing tree. ~ bag

miwesiz   [mi:wesiz] adj. barren, sterile; infertile. ~ agaçlar barren trees, trees bearing no fruit.

mizemez   [mi:zemez] adj. 1 • steady, unchangeable, firm, inviolable, indissoluble. ~ dostluk stable friendship.

2 • inexhaustible. ~ baýlyk inexhaustible wealth.

1 (berklik) •  Bu bent her niçik sil geläýende-de ~. Müsür piramidalry nähili ~ gurlupdyr.

2 (gocme manyda) •  ~ dostluk

3 (gutarmayan) •  ~ baýlyk

moda   ['moda] n. fashion, vogue. ~da bolmak to be in fashion. ~dan çykmak to be out of fashion. ~ žurnaly

modaly   adj. fashionable, stylish. ~ köýnek fashionable shirt/dress.

molamak   [mo:lamak] v. to moo, low (the sound that cows make). sygyrlar molaýar cows low.

molla   [mo:lla] n. Usage: religious mullah. Her ~ öz bilenini okar. Every mullah teaches from his own knowledge. Category: prov.

işan-molla    See: işan; molla.

1 •  obanyň ~sy Her ~ öz bilenini okar nakyl

2 (mugallym) •  Ol obadaky ~dan hat-sowat öwrendi.

mollaçylyk   [mo:llaçylyk] adv. See: mollalyk.

monjuk   [mo:njuk] n. necklace, beads. ~ dakynmak to wear beads.

montýor   n. 1 • electrician. ~ bolup işlemek to work as an electrician. elektrik ~y

2 • fitter. ~ bolup işlemek to work as a fitter.

moral   [mo'ral] n. (code of) morals, ethics. ~ goldaw moral support.

1 •  ~ goldaw adamyň ~ keşbi

2 •  ~ okamak

morožny   [ma'rožny] n. ice-cream. See: doňdurma; buzgaýmak.

motor   [mo'tor] n. motor, engine. awtomobiliň ~y the engine of a car. ~y otlamak to crank an engine.

motosikl   n. motor-cycle. Ýawa ~i

mowzuk   n. subject, topic, theme, issue.

möçber   n. 1 • volume, size, capacity. kitabyň ~i volume of a book.

2 • amount, quantity. puluň ~i amount of money.

3 • scale. uly ~de in a large scale. kici ~de in a small scale. dünýä ~inde in a world scale.

1 •  Kitabyň ~i nähili? Suw gyzanda, onuň ~i artýar.

2 •  Suwy ýeterlik ~de harçlamaly. Ýeterlik ~de dynç almaly.

3 (cak) •  uly ~de kici ~de dünýä ~inde

4(takmynan) •  Adam otuz ýaşlar ~inde kämilleşýär. Men onuň bilen on ýyl ~i işleşdim.

möçberli   adj. 1 • voluminous, bulky. uly ~ in a large volume.

2 • consisting of, in the amount of. Ýygnaga takmynan elli ~ adam geldi.

möçbersiz   adj. innumerable, too many to be counted. ~ giň ~ köp

möhlet   n. period, time, term. bir aýlyk ~ period of one month. gysga ~ içinde in the shortest possible time. ~ doldy time's up. harby gulluk ~i call-up period. onuň ~i gutardy his time is up, his time has expired. wizanyň ~ini uzaltmak to extend a visa. ~ geçmek to expire, pass it's sell-by date. ~ beriň! give us time!

möhletli   adj. lasting for a limited time, in certain period. üç aýlyk ~ okuw studies lasting for three months.

möhüm   adj. important, crucial, weighty; significant, noteworthy; consequential; necessary. ~ mesele important issue. iň ~ zat olaryň nireden gelendiklerini bilmekdir the important thing is to discover where they have come from.

1 •  ~ mesele iň ~ zat olaryň nireden gelendiklerini bilmekdir

2 (gocme manyda) •  Men size ~ sowal bilen ýüz tutýaryn. Ol meniň ~imi bitirmedi.(işimi)

möhür   n. stamp, seal. ~ basmak to put a stamp (on), seal up.

1 •  dokumente ~ basmak

2 (gocme manyda) •  Azaply hem agyr ýyllar onuň ýüzüne öz ~ini basypdyr.

möhürçe   n. stamp. usually square in shape, and gives information about the firm, registration number, etc.

möjek   [mö:jek] n. wolf.

1 •  çal ~ urkaçy ~

2 (kici jandar) •  Ösgün otuň arasynda her hili ~ bar. möjege goýun ynanmak Arakkeşe içgiler saklanýan merkezi ynanmak, möjege goýun ynanan ýaly bolar. goýun derisine giren ~ Ol goýun derisine giren möjek, oňa ynanyp bolmaz.

mölermek   [mö:lermek] v. to goggle, (of the eyes) be rolled about; protrude.

mör-möjek   [mö:r-mö:jek] n. insect. zyýanly ~lere garşy göreş fight with harmful insects.

möwç   n.

möwjemek   v. to strengthen, become stronger or heavier; to rage, storm, be violent. deňiz möwjeýär the storm is raging. Tolkunlar möwjeýär.

möwrit   [möwri:t] n. moment, time, period. onyň möwriti gytardy his time has expired. Bu modanyň möwriti geçdi.

möwsüm   n. season, period. ýas ~i spring, spring season. ekiş ~i sowing season/period. ol öz ~ini geçirdi his time/turn is up/over. gyş ~i dynç ~i

möwsümleýin   adj. seasonal. ~ iş seasonal work.

möý   [mö:ý] n. spider. Category: zool. See: gara möý.

mugallym   n. teacher. ~ bolup işlemek to work as a teacher.

mugallyma   [mugallyma:] n. Usage: female teacher.

mugallymçylyk   adj. teachers', pedagogical. ~ instututy pedagogical institute. ~ käri

mugt   adj. free, gratis; free of charge. ~ bermek to give something free of charge. ~ almak

mugthor   [mugtho:r] n. parasite, sponger, scrounger.

muhabbet   n. love.

Usage: female name2 • n.

mukaddes   adj. holy, sacred. ~ borç sacred duty. Mukaddes Kitap Holy Bible.

1 •  Mukaddes Kitap Mukaddes ýer

2 •  ~ borç

mukaddeslik   n. holiness, sacredness; sanctity. Watanyň garaşsyzlygyny goramak ~ hasaplanýar.

mukam   [muka:m] n. 1 • music, melody. ~ çalmak to play music. halk ~y şadyýan ~

2 • mukam music. a type of music common in Central Asia including Azerbaijan. Gökdepe galasy bilen baglanyşykly iki ~ döredilipdir. Ol dutarda ~lary hem çalyp bilýär.

mukdar   [mukda:r] n. quantity, amount, number. önümiň ~y amount of a product.

~ sanlar   cardinal numerals.

1 •  köp ~da önümiň ~y

2 •  ~ we hil ~yň hile geçmegi

~ sanlar   

mukym   [muky:m] adj. diligent, hard-working.

1 (oturymly) •  Ol şu toprakda ~ tutan adam.

2 (isine berk) •  işine berk ~ adam

mum   [mu:m] n. wax, beeswax.

mumiýa   Usage: Egyptian mummy.

mumyýa   [mu:myýa] n. mummy (brown pigment). Aýagy döwlen adama ~ içirýärler.

dagdam ~ tüpeňlän ýaly    Bu iş dagdan mumyýa tüpeňlän ýaly kyn.

munça   adj, adv. so much; so many. ~ gürrüň nämä gerek? what's the point in talking like this? ~ puly biz nädip sowarys?

~ bolanyna görä   so far as, as far as, if so. ~ bolanyna görä, indi biz muzeýe hem aýlanaly.

munda   pron. from bu.

mundan   pron. from bu. mundan beýlek from now on, from this point forward.

muny   pron. from bu.

munyň   [muny:ň] pron. from bu. ~ näme? what is this?

muňa   pron. to this. See: bu.

murdar   [murda:r] n. nasty, disgusting. ~ etmek to defile. ~ bolmak to be defiled. ~ zat something nasty.

murt   n. 1 • moustache US mustache. Usage: person gür ~ thick moustache. ~jagaz small moustache. gara ~ jaty ~

Usage: animals 2 • whisker.

Usage: insect 3 • antenna, feeler.

Usage: botanical 4 • tendril. garpyzyň ~y üzümiň ~y

~ uny palta kesmez.   Lit: An axe cannot cut his moustache. He is his own man. Ol murtuny palta kesmez ýigit bolaýypdyr.

~ tabamak   to make the transition into manhood. murty taban ýigit

~y syh-syh bolmak   to be quick-tempered. Onuň gahardan ýaňa murty syh-syh boldy.

~uň towly bolsun, işiň şowly!   

murtly   adj. 1 • with a moustache. Usage: person ~ adam a person with a moustache.

Usage: animals 2 • whiskered.

musapyr   [musa:pyr] adj. 1 • poor, unfortunate. Usage: finances Ol ýönekeý ~ bende.

2 • stranger, outsider. Ol bu ýurtda ~ bolup ýaşaýar.

musaýy   [mu:sa:ýy] n, adj. Jewish. ~ milleti ~ medeniýeti

musor   ['musor] n. rubbish. See: zir-zibil; hapa.

musulman   [musulma:n] n. Muslim, Moslem.

adj. Islamic.

musulmançylyk   [musulma:nçylyk] n. Islam. ~ dözgünleri See: musulmanlyk.

musulmanlyk   [musulma:nlyk] n. Islam. ~ adaty Muslim custom. Kommunistler döwründe biziň ilimizde ~ galmady.

muşakgat   n. 1 • disaster. tebigy ~lar natural disaster.

2 • misfortune. Hudaýtagala ony synamak üçin agyr kesele we drli ~lara sezewar edýär. In order to test him [Job], God inflicted serious illnesses and various misfortunes [on him].

3 • difficulties.

~ ýagdyrmak   to be worn, battle-scarred. Sen işe başlamankaň, dürli muşakgatlar ýagdyrýarsyň.

muzd   n. 1 • payment, fare. ~uny bermek to pay. ~uny talap etmek Ussa, ~uni ber-de gyssa. Craftsman, hurry up and pay us.

2 • reward, compensation. ~uny bermek to reward, compensate.

muzdly   adj. chargeable, requiring payment. See: tölegli.

muzdsyz   adj. free of charge, without charge. See: tölegsiz.

muzeý   [mu'zeý] n. museum. ülkäni öwreniş ~i museum of local lore, history and economy.

mübärek   adj, adv. 1 • blessed, blest. Baýramyňyz ~ bolsun! Season's greetings. Täze ýylyňyz ~ bolsun! A happy New Year! Doglan günüň ~ bolsun! Many happy returns of the day!

2 • good, pleasurable. Siziň ~ ýüýüňizi görmek maňa miýesser etdi.

mübäreklemek   v. 1 • to congratulate. baýram bilen ~ doglan güni bilen ~

2 (owmek) •  prezidenti ~ birin doglan güni bilen ~ to wish someone many happy returns of the day.

müdimi   [müdi:mi] adj. eternal, everlasting. ~ şöhrat ~ ýaşaýyş

~ uka gitmek   to take one's last sleep. Şahyr otuz üç ýaşynda müdimi uka gitdi.

müdir   [müdi:r] n. manager, head, director. kafedra ~i head of department. okuw ~i director of studies.

müfti   n. Usage: religious mufti. Muslim legal expert authorized to issue fatwas.

mülk   n. 1 • property, possessions. Indi ~ näme? Ol seniň hem-de çagalaryň baýlygy, döwleti, eklenjiň çeşmesi, ýüregiň kuwwaty. Now, what is property? It is you and your children's wealth, your prosperity, the source of support, the strength of your heart.. Oňa kakasyndan uly ~ galdy. patyşanyň ~i

2 • estate, land, domain. Tutuş Ýer ýüzi Rebbiň ~idir.

mülkdar   [mülkda:r] n. land-owner, proprietor.

mümkin   [mümki:n] v modal. possible, probable. Mümkinmi? May I? Girmek mümkinmi? May I come in? mümkin däl impossible. eger mümkin bolsa if possible. ~ olar ýatlaryndan çykarandyrlar. It is probable that they forgot.[mümki:n]  Şu gün howanyň aşa gyzaýmagy mümkin. Onuň geläýmegi mümkin.

mümkinçilik   [mümki:nçilik] n. 1 • opportunity, possibility, chance.

~ bermek   to give an opportunity. Maňa naharlanmak üçin mümkinçilik ber. ~ bolsa, men gezelenje gitmekçi. ~den peýdalanmak

2 • 

mümkingadar   [mümki:ngadar] adj, adv. as far as possible. Ýetişen hasyly ~ çalt ýygnamak peýdaly. The ripe crop.

mümkinlik   [mümki:nlik] n. possibility, probability.

münderlemek   v. to pile up, heap up. öňüň bar goşune bir ýere ~

mündürmek   v. to seat; to set, put. maşyna ~ to help somebody into a vehicle. çagany ata ~ See: münmek.

münmek   v. 1 • to get on, get in, jump in, to board, take. Usage: transport otla ~ to board a train. maşyna ~ to get in a car.

Usage: location 2 • to be on, be in.

Usage: animals 3 • to mount, get on, ride. ata ~ to mount a horse. Sen pile münüp görduňmi? Have you ever tried riding an elephant?

4 •  Çaga ejesiniň dyzyna mündi. Oglanjyk kakasynyň egnine mündi.

müň   num. thousand. bir ~ one thousand.

müňkür   adj. mistrustful, distrustful. ~ adam sceptic, cynic. ~ bolmak to doubt. Ol kime ~ boljagyny bilmedi. He didn't know how to be sceptical about somebody.

müňýyllyk   adj. thousandth anniversary.

mürepbe   n. jam, conserve. üzüm ~si grape jam. alma ~si

müsür   n. Egypt. Category: geogr. ~ halky

adj. Ol ýerde gawun-garpyz ~ bolup ýatyr.

müşderi   n. client, customer; buyer, purchaser.

müşgil   [müşgi:l] adj. difficult, hard, complicated. ~ iş hard work. ~ mesele difficult task. Onuň ýanynda ~ iş ýokdy. He wasn't afraid of difficulties. Meniň ýanymda ~ iş bolmaz.

mydam   [myda:m] adj. always. ~ şeýle always the same. Ol ~ ýanymda. He is always with me.

mydama   [myda:ma:] always, for ever. Sen ~ zeýrenip ýörsüň.

mydamalyk   [myda:ma:lyk] adj. for ever, for good. ~ galmak to stay somewhere for ever. Men bu şäherde ~ galýaryn.

mydar   [myda:r] n. 1 • strength, force. onuň ýöremäge ~y galmady he was unable to walk.

2 • life, existence, life conditions.

~ etmek   to live; to do with. Biz köne maşyn bilen mydar edip gelýäris.

bar ~ym   my hope, my life. Biziň ýekeje çagamyz - ol bar mydarymyz.

myhman   [my:hma:n] n. guest, visitor. hormatly ~ guest of honour. Biziň öýümize ~ geldi.

~ almak   to receive visitors/guests. Olaryň myhman almaga güçleri ýetýär.

~ bolmak   to be a guest (at, of). Men olarda myhman boldum.

2 cagyrylan •  gurultaýyň hormatly ~y mejlisiň ~y

myhmançylyk   [my:hma:nçylyk] n. 1 • visit. myhmançylyga gitmek to (pay a) visit (to).

2 • guest. ~da bolmak to be a guest (of, at).

myhmanhana   [my:hma:nha:na] n. 1 • hotel, inn. ~da ýerleşmek to obtain a room in a hotel.

2 • sitting-room, living-room; guest-room.

myhmansöýer   [my:hma:nsöýer] adj. hospitable, welcoming. ~ adam hospitable person. ~ maşgala

myhmansöýerlik   [my:hma:nsöýerlik] n. hospitality.

myhman otagy   [my:hma:n otagy] n. guest room, living room, sitting room, lounge. a guest room and a sitting room are much the same thing in Turkmen culture.

myjabat   [myja:bat] n. slander, calumnity, defamation, aspersion. kimdir birine ~ ýapmak to talk slanderously about somebody, slander somebody, defame, calumniate.

mylakatly   [myla:katly] adj. kind, affectionate, tender, sweet. ~ ene ~ çaga affectionate child. ~ sözler endearing words. ~ garaýyş tender look. ~ bolmak to be polite/friendly. ~ gürleşmek to speak to somebody friendly/politely.

mylaýym   [myla:ýym] adj. 1 • warm, pleasant. ~ howa warm weather. ~ ses pleasant voice. ~ owaz

Usage: weather 2 • mild. ~ howa ~ suw ~ şemal

3 • kind, warm-hearted. ~ adam warm-hearted person.

mynasybet   [myna:sy:bet] proportion, share. Myhmanyň ~i üçin uly taýýarlyk görüldi.

mynasybetli   [myna:sy:betli] adj. on the occasion (of), in honour (of), in connection (with). patyşa öz doglan güni mynasybetli... the king, on the occasion of his birthday... näme ~? in what connection?

mynasyp   [myna:sy:p] adj. 1 • worthy, deserving. ~ bolmak to deserve. Olar ýatlanmaga They deserve to be remembered. ~ baha bermek to appreciate something at its true value. Ýigit özüne ~ gyz saýlapdyr. Gyz öz görküne ~ lybas geýipdir.

2 • suitable. Gözel gyz, görmegeý ýigit, Bular ~ bir-birine jübüt. A beautiful girl and a handsome young man - they really are a suitable couple. ~ baha Ol hormata ~ alym.

myrat   [myra:t] n. wish, desire, dream; effort, aim, object. myradyňa ýetmek to achieve/gain/attain one's object/end. Uniwersiteti tamamlap, myradyma ýetdim.

mysal   [mysa:l] n. 1 • example, instance. ~ üçin for example, for instance. ~ getirmek to give an example, cite an example. Ol gürrüňiniň dowamynda öz durmuşyndan birnäçe mysal getirdi. kimdir birinden ~ almak to follow smb's example.

Usage: mathematics2 •  berlen ~y çözmek

mysapyrlyk   [mysa:pyrlyk] adv. Judaism.

myş-myş   n. ~ habarlar ~ gürrüňler gossip, rumour. See: myş.